'Outline what takes place when a person is stressed' - Psychology model exam question answer

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"Outline what takes place when a person is stressed"

Stress is an emotional and physical response to an environmental stimulus (stressor). Many things can cause stress such as work, relationships or family problems, and these are known as 'stressors'. When faced with a stressor the body has two different systems of dealing with this. There is one system for acute stress (sudden) and another from chronic stress (ongoing). There are a number of physical changes that occur during stress, these can include: larger pupil size to let in more light, bronchial tubes in the lungs to dilate which created a greater oxygen intake and lastly adrenal medulla is simulated to release adrenaline.

If a person was faced with an acute stressor, a fright for example, the SNS is activated and neurons from it will travel to all organs within the body. If the person is under threat the SNS prepares the body for action. Noradrenaline is released and this prepares the body for fight or flight. This pattern of behaviour was first identified by physiologist Walter Cannon. This response is hard wired into our brains and represents an adaptation fine-tuned by natural selection, designed to protect us from bodily harm. When a person goes into this mode there are a number of physical changes, these include; increased heart rate,




i do not think this is outlined as the question states this more like an essat :?

Charlotte Kearney


Tiffany wrote:

i agree with tiffany, this sort of answer will cause you to perhaps not concentrate on the other questions, ultimately leaving you with lesser marks? i go by this structure - if it is a 12 mark question evaluating two pieces of research/explanations/techniques 1 - brief introduction 2 a) 3 points about one research(outline) b) evaluate 3 strengths/weaknesses(evaluate) 3 a) 3 points about another research(outline) b)evaluate 3 strengths weaknesses AND compare with other research(evaluate) those 6 points from each research theoretically should gain you a mark each, and if you do two you're well on the way to your full 12 marks. comparing the two researches will gain you the extra marks if you do miss out on any or even secure yourself a place. make sure you keep to your time limit, usually theirs 8 questions on AQA A Psychology, including your 12 mark question. 72 marks to gain in 1hr30 mins = 20 minutes on 12 mark theoretically??

Emily Moodie


Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. This wasn't an evaluate question though, our teacher gave us the question and this answer which supposedly got 12/12. Slightly confused now!

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