Outline of the Teleological Argument

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Purpose Order Design


  • The universe was pre-existent
  • A  being existed in the universe that had the power to shape world
  • This demi-urge ordered the world but did not create the materials


  • The only explaination for the complexity and beauty of the universe is that it was created by a divine intelligence.

Aquinas; Fifth Way

  • Something that lacks intelligence cannot move towards fufilling it's useful purpose (TELOS)
  • An intelligent being has to influence it towards fufilling it's TELOS
  • Arrow + archer = fufilled purpose
  • Everything in the universe follows certain natural laws which mean that there must be an intelligent being guiding them: God

Paley; The Watchmaker

  • If we were to find a watch, we would assume that it had a creator as it has such complexities and beauty, and we can assume the same of the universe.
  • Even if the watch didn't work or we didn't know what it was for, we would still assume there is a creator.
  • Que = by virtue of
  • "Design qua purpose" - God as a designer created everything with a purpose, and also with the capabilities of achieving its purpose.
  • "Design qua regularity" - a guiding intelligence must have created the universe to give the universe the regularity of motion that it has, EG the stars and planets.

Anthropic Principle

  • Weak form:- "we must be prepared to take into account the fact that our location in the universe is necessarily privileged to the extent of being compatible with our existence as observers"
  • We must accept that the universe is here by design and not by chance
  • Strong form:- "The Universe (and hence the fundamental parameters on which it depends) must be such as to admit the creation of observers within it at some stage"
  • The universe was created to develop intelligent life
  • Fredrick Tennant;
  • 1) The fact that our universe provides everything necessary for life
  • 2) Our world can be observed and holds…


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