Outline the causes of migration in Africa


Migration occurs in libya, in Africa due to a number of reasons. Libya remains the main route for migrants moving from Africa to Europe since the revolution. This is due to to the fact it is rich in oil wealth, creating a key pull factor for migrants. Moreover Africa's population is continuing to rise numbering around 6 million, this overpopulation will therefore create a variety of social, economic and environmental problems. For example overpopulation creates a strain on already scare resources and services, thereby leading to unempoyment, poverty and crime. Overpopulation also means an area becomes densely poplated leading to the degradadtion of land, this will create problems with growing crops and agriculture, which many LEDC's such as Africa are heavily reliant on for buisness. These problems will often lead to conflict within the country as people obtain less food and vital elements for life. Many people will pay more than £766 to get on boats to travel to Malta and the Italian Island of…


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