Our world, Unit 4

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Creation- way in which somehting is uniquely made; Gods creation of the universe 

many poeple believe this and that God made the universe out of nothing (ex nihilo) while others accept more scientific view 

Christians and Jews- 

  • God created world out of nothing (ex nihilo) in six days and rested on the seventh 
  • everything created in omage of God 
  • differing views however, literalist and non-literalist 
    • Literalist- literally happened how the bible states
    • Non-literalist- Fact God created the world more important that how he created it 
    • (find out soem teachings from exercise book and text book) 


  • very similar to the one in Genesis 
  • allah created the world and everything in it 
  • Allah formed dam from clay and breathed life and a soul into him
  • All humans descend from Adam


Big Bang Theory 

  • 14 million years ago 
  • universe expanded then cooled forming the stars the earth and other planets 
  • some cristains accept God being the cause of the big bang 

Theory of Evolution 

  • Charles Darwin 1809-1882 
  • life began in simple forms and then evolved into more complex life forms we see today 
  • rejects idea that God made humans in his own image 
  • some think that God is behind evolution 


Using Talents

all religions teach that we should serve God to the best of our ability and most religious people believe that talents are given to us by God- duty to use them to serve God


  • Parable of the Talents- Matthew 25:14-30 (not how many talants you have how you use them that counts) 


  • should use talents to thank God for everything that they have been provided with
  • as a reward hope to be in heaven 


  • talents help show compassion towards one another and help them reach moksha (when atman (the soul) is breaken free from the cycle.


Place of humankind in the world

what makes us human? 

  • different from animals as we have souls and can therefore relate to GOD
  • Humans given dominion over animals 


Purpose of humankind in the world 

Natural resources


  • believe that God expects them to look after the earth and all thats in it 


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