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Our world revision notes

What makes us human?

  • Bodies – that grow and help us live and move

  • Minds – think and make decisions

  • Morality – right from wrong

  • Personalities – that give us an identity

  • Emotions – through which we react

  • Experiences and influences

  • Religion, culture, race, education

Intelligence – the ability to think and reflect; to apply knowledge and learning; to reason

Morality – a sense of right and wrong; values

Language – the ability to read/write languages

Revelation means humanity is:

  • created in gods image

  • capable of religious behaviour and beliefs

  • have a conscience

  • in possession of a soul

The purpose of human life?



  • To enjoy the world and its resources

  • To obey God

  • Stewardship of the Earth

  • To have a sexual relationship and children

  • To act as khalifah's; or guardians of the planet and other living things

  • To serve Allah and obey his commands

  • To have children and continue the human race



  • To make lots of money

  • To do all the things I want to do

  • To travel the world and have experiences

  • To reproduce and have children

  • To try and make the world a better place

  • To try and make the world a better place

  • To serve God and live for him

  • To reproduce and have children

  • To act as guardians of the planet

  • Revelation:humanity is created in God's image, having a conscience and a soul

What is the soul?

  • To help us relate to god; in worship

  • The spiritual part that affect the real you

  • The part of humans that will live on after death

  • Not physical

  • Unique to each person

  • A reflection of the image of god

Christian views on creation

Day 1 – the earth was formless and void and then God created light

Day 2 – God separated the water above from the water below

Day 3 – God created dry land and plants

Day 4 – God created the sun, moon and stars

Day 5 – God created the sea creatures and birds

Day 6 – God created the animals and Adam and Eve

Day 7 – God rested

Literalist view

Non Literalist view

Both agree: God created the world for a purpose, it was not accidental.

Human beings were created in God's image

  • They believe that


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