our countrys good characters

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Captain Arthur Phillip,

believes the underlying qualities of a human being, are goodness and underlying intelligence

a strng sense of integrity from the other convicts and the prisoners. 

his liberal notions about the civilisation and rehabnilitaion of the convict sets him apart from his fellow officers.

Major Robbie Ross,

thinks that the criminals should be punished and degraded as he belives that the convicts nature is innate.

scottish glaswegian, broad accent sounded scary sounded a bit like a thug. easily misunderstand-able which makes the character distant and easily violent.

Captain Jemmy Campbell,

always drnk, scottish? 

Captain David Collins,

Reverend Johnson,

Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark,

weak, justified, not as forgiving, in lovre with mary brenham. i 

i would cast a man with


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