Other Parliamentary Reform Legislation

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Other laws which effected the Parliamentary system were also passed

Abolition of the Property Qualification- Act abolished the property qualification for MPs. Passed in 1858. These rules by the 1850s were largely irrelevant and they often got around it. MPs were still not paid

Ballot Act- Despite 2 reforms voting in elections was still carried out in puplic, led to corruption, involving both threats and intimidation. Employers or land owners were able to use their control over their employees to influence their vote. The principle of a secret ballot had long been campaigned for by radicals (Chartists). The large increase in the franchise resulting from the 1867 Reform Act made the problems of corruption even more severe. These new working class voters would be much more susceptible to bribery, threats and blackmail. 1868 election highlighted tenants who had been evicted from their land by landlords after voting contrary to their wishes. Landlords and employers opposed


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