Othello - jealousy

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The destructive force of jealousy (concequences)

  • Jealousy leads to the destruction of many characters
    • Iago is caught and punished
    • Othello murders Desdemona and kills himself
  • Focus upon jealousy being a "green-eyed monster" that feeds upon a person until there is nothing left
    • Notice how Othello's language becomes increasingly more violent throughout the course of the play as a result of his jealousy. Compare his first speech to his last. His language becomes far more that that of Iagos (use of words such as "zounds").

Sexual jealousy

  • Iago's hatered of Othello
    • Is this due to the fact that Iago is in fact attracted to Othello?
    • This may arguably be why he attempts to destroy the relationship between Othello and Desdemona
    • When trying to pursuade Othello that Desdemona was havin an affair with Cassio, he describes hearing Cassio talk in his sleep
    • "Cry “O sweet creature!” and then kiss me hard, As if he plucked up kisses by the roots That grew upon my lips, lay his leg Over my thigh, and sigh, and kiss"
    • Here Iago shows no hesitation in describing the dream with clear homoerotic implications, does this suggest that he is interested in other


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