Othello Character Analysis





Relationship with other characters

Critical responses

·        Noble and Dignified: Othello is known as “The Valiant Moor” and his elevated status acts as the moving factor of the Play. People look up to him and trust in him. Compared to Christ.

·        Outsider: Despite his religion being Christianity, he does not fit in with Venetian society and culture and is insecure about this

·        Honest and Trusting: Perhaps to the extent of naivety, Othello puts faith in his subordinates and frequently shares how he feels openly

·        Jealous: Hamartia

·        Calm and Rational: Speaks eloquently and respectfully to mirror his important status

·        Violent and animalistic: Goes down a violent and hellish spiral of despair, confusing fate + free will

·        Tragic hero: His hamartia of jealousy and being easily manipulated by people and societal conventions enables the destruction of his relationship

·        Passive: Othello is not driving the play forward despite being the protagonist; he is spurred into action by every other character until the very end when he takes his fate into his own hands

·        Peacemaker: Linked to his status, he is a peacemaker until he is in his vicious spiral of hatred and wishes death upon innocent people. Paradoxical with his military status and conventions


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