Othello Act 3


A3 S1: 

  • Cassio has arrnaged for some musicians to serenade Othello and Desdemona the morning after their nuptial celebrations. 
  • A clown is sent down to pay the musicians to depart, as they are disturbing the new couple. 
  • Cassio persuades the clown to give a message to Emilia, Desdemona's lady in waiting. 
  • Iago arrives and says he will get Emilia to see Cassio at once and will also distract Othello so that Cassio may speak freely to Desdemona
  • Emilia tells Cassio that his problems may soon be solved, as Desdemona has already begun to intercede on his behalf, but nevertheless agrees to arrnage a meeting between him and Desdemona.

A3 S2: 

  • A very brief scene in which we see Othello discharging his public duties as Governor of Cyprus and going off to…


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