Othello - Setting

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  • Written around 1603/1604, first performed in 1604
  • Set in 1570-1571 upon the Turkish invasion of Cyprus 
  • Black characters typically potrayed as exotic savages, typically SECONDARY characters - represented as either savages/monsters fit only to be slaves, or mysterious and exotic barbarians. Considered dangerous and unnatural. Many Moors in plays in the 1590's. 4 Moors in Shakespeare: Aaron (Titus Andronicus) Prince of Morroco (Merchant of Venice) Othello, Caliban (The Tempest.) 1st two are stereotypically EVIL.
  • But "Moor" was NOT a racist term, it was a general term used, 2 types: Berbers and Arabs 
  • 1603 - James I becomes King, befriends the Spaniards rather than the Turks/Moors 

Venice - state in N.Italy, more Moors & Jews than any other EU city. Open, democratic, metropolitan city, multicultural, a Moor like Othello can prosper alongside the natives. Venetians reowned for their love of art and culture. Seen then as a Renaissance dream/utopia, many nationalities wanted to participate in Venice's success. Some 'foreigners' made elite ranks due to the good deeds they had done for the country. Anyone could rise to the status of a native if they excelled in defending the country. They…


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