Origins of the Cold War

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The Origins of the Cold War

Damage caused by WW2

During the second world war, millions of lives were lost. Bombing and fighting had destroyed towns, homes, factories and cities. By 1945, there were millions of homeless refugees throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

The disruption to all countries at the end of the war meant it very diffuclt to be sure about the numbers of dead and wounded. 

What is certain however, is that the USSR lost many soldiers in the fight with Germany and this made Stalin determinedd to make the USSR secure in the future.

In addition, China also suffered millions of civilian casualties owing to its war with Japan.

The Rise of the Superpowers

Perhaps the most important change the second world war created was the rise of the Superpowers. Before the war many countries could claim to be superpowers, for example the USA, the USSR, Britain, France, Germany and Japan. But now, because of their military strength, it became clear that the USA and the USSR were in a league of their own.

Conflicting Idealogies - Communism v Capitalism

During the war, the Communist superpower, the USSR had united with the capitalist superpower, the USA, in the fight against fascism - a right wing system of governemt generally led by one single strong dictator who uses physical


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