Origins of NML

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Aquinas inspirations for NML

  • Aquinas was inspired by Aristotle,the Stoics and the Bible

Aristotles theory of the 4 causes, he arrives to the final cause - telos
Aristotle believes human telos is eudaimonia

The Stoics (Cicero, Zeno)

Stoicism believed world was organised by nature in the best way possible and that humans had an internal divine spark that allows us to reason and understand the universe. Rational over emotional, live in accordance with nature and accept what happens.

Aquinas' Conclusions

  • Telos (humans have a purpose/end)
  • Reason (world is rational, God given us capacity to uderstand it)
  • Nature (we have human nature and it is important to do what is 'natural'

Aquinas VS Aristotle Telos

For Aristotle, the humam telos is to flourish


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