Opposition protests to war communism


Red Terror

With war communism becoming increasinly unpopular, Lenin soon had to result to using force and rule by fear. This led the cheka to carry out what is known as red terror. It mainly targeted political enemies of Lenin and the Bolsheviks. The Cheka rounded up the SRs, Mensheviks, anarchists and whoever else was deemed at threat and shot them all opposed to simply imprisoning them. It is estimated that half a million people were executed between 1918 and 1920 in the red terror movement. However, official records show it to be much lower than this. 

The cheka were also given the orders to target specific classes, mostly the bourgeoise. They were accused of plotting a counter-revolution. This led to a large chain of arrests, imprisonments and executions. However, victims of red terror came from all the classes and groups within society. Sometimes groups were targeted for a specific reason but most of the time the general aim was to insight fear wherever possible and frighten all classes in society into compliance with the new war communism regime. 

The Bolsheviks also set up a network of concentration camps and labour camps which were used to imprison, torture and kill the victims of red terror. There were no accurate records taken of the number of deaths or prisoners in these camps. Their existence demonstrates that 'terror' was definitely implemented by Lenin. In Lenin's opinion, 'terror' was completely necessary to consolidate his power and ensure compliance and most Bolsheviks agreed. 

The Tambov revolt,


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