Opposition during the war

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Christian Opposition 

- The Catholic Church continued to speak out when they felt threatened by the Nazi regime 

- Bavarian schools protested against removal of crucifixes and had it reversed -1941

- Bishop Galen publicly attacked the Aktion t4 programme which was euthanasia 

- Individual Protestant churchmen also attacked the regime - Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke out in 1943 and was executed in 1945  

Youthful Opposition

Edelweiss pirates - more prevalent during war, even joined up with underground left-wing groups to help smuggle out escaped prisoners of war - leaders of Pirates in Cologne publicly executed in 1944

White Rose - Hans + Sophie (16 yrs old!) Scholl founders in Munich 1942, disagreed with Nazi values and ethics and distributed 15,000 leaflets between then and 1943 when they were arrested and later executed 


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