Opposition 1900s (Russia)


VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjWek1hlS4w

2.3 - opposition: ideas & ideology, liberalism, socialism, Marxism, individuals and radical groups

Liberal Opposition
•always wanted change to the government
•education and new middle class influenced more to join
•strong in the zemstva
•1895 - Tver zemstvo petition for an advisory body - dismissed as a 'senseless dream'
•liberal noble - Prince Lvov - demanded an all-xlass zemstvo and National Assembly
- already tried by Ivan Shipov - immediately banned
•1903 - Union of Liberation founded
- began journal Liberation - published in Germany
-believed Russia needed a peaceful revolution to adapt to industrialisation
•liberals had very little political power before 1905
- managed to escape police brutality
- contributed to the wanting of political change

Social Revolutionary Party
•founded in 1901 - started as Marxist
•influenced by Viktor Chernov, editor of the journal Revolutionary Russia
•had a wide variety of views
•had the idea that the interests of peasants and workers are the same - need to work together to


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