Opposers of Henry VIII's Divorce

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Opposition came from a variety of areas motivated by a variety of concerns

1. ECONOMIC: tradesmen/merchants afraid of pope restricting trade

2. POLITICAL: opposition of some legislation--> undermining parliaments powers

3. RELIGIOUS: people were loyal to the pope


  • had been spiritual advisers to both Henry VII and VIII
  • strictest & holiest of monastic orders  --> well respected.
  • 5 carthusian monks refused to swear oath of succession
  • Loyalty was sorely tested through extreme torture
  • Excuted in extreme manner --> Henry used this to deter others from refusing to swear the oath; Severed heads on London Bridge served as a reminder for those who contemplated denying the oath.


  • servant girl who suffered from visions after a fatal illness
  • claimed that the visions told her that one must pray to the virgin Mary and follow the traditional teachings of the church
  • Those who opposed…


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