Oppertunities and challenges for tourism in hot/semi arid enviroments

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Economic oppertunities

  • national parks charge for entry this can be used for restoration and preservation such as Arches National Park utah
  • commercial- gift shops arches national park
  • jobs created- increases money in community - muiltiplier effect (one jon creates several other jobs)- a hotel in Tunisisa creates jobs for restaurant staff but also jobs for local fishermen as they provide the food for the restaurant.

Economic challenges

  • jobs are poorly paid
  • external leakage- profits go to other countries instead of the host country through package holiday schemes and importing food.

Socio-cultural oppertunities

  • infrastructure- roads built can be used for locals e.g arches national park built 60km of paved roads
  • locals learn new skills- Tunisia government has set up…


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