Operations Management - Quality Control and Quality Assurance



  • Quality is subjective - Matter of opinion

Quality Targets

  • Nature of quality targets set will depend on type of business
  • Hotel - Accurate billing, Customer satisfaction levels, Speed of response 
  • Manufacturing business - Stock wastage levels, Proportion of returned goods
  • Hospital might consider - Average length of time spent in hospital by patients, Patient satisfaction rates, Time it takes to see patients

Quality Control

  • Inspections - Way of finding any faults in good/service - Check product at the end of production line
  • Benefits of Inspections
    • Can prevent a defective product reaching customer
    • More secure system than one that trusts every individual to do job properly
  • Problems
    • Does little to encourage individual to improve own work
    • Expense
    • Does not motivate workers, may feel company do not trust them - Supervision = Herzberg Hygiene factor



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