Opening Lines post - 1914

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Poems covered:

  • A Consumer's Report
  • In Your Mind
  • Wedding - Wind
  • Mirror
  • Things
  • The Hare
  • Bedfellow
  • Defying gravity
  • I am a Cameraman
  • Sometimes

A Consumer's Report

Structered and set out like a questionaire, or report a company asks a consumer of a product, perhaps a new product, to fill in regarding their views on the product; their opinion, improvemnts, if its value for money ect. In A Consumer's report, the product that is being describe, tested and analysed is, life. It is a very whitty, almost sarcastic poem. The poem relates to the reader the writer's personal opinion about life.

In Your Mind

Is a very reminicent peom about a past, much longed for time, of freedome and happiness. It starts off with the teller of the peom, board in her study in england getting easily distracted and being distracted by a particular memory that pops into her head. Then the mood begins to brighten and she begins to remember more and more about the memory and the little details of the memory become clearer and faster moving. They start of faily abstract and faint, but get clearer and clearer as the peom progresses. Then she snaps back to the presnt as the memory fades away, and her hapinees begins to fade and the boardome kicks in, with short sharp, boaring sentences.

Wedding - Wind

Is a very joyfull, meloncoly poem about the wedding night and how the joy of the wedding and wedding night continues on and how the woman trys to convey to the reader just how overcome with joy that she doesnt thing she can bear it, and cant describe the completion she feels. Unlike In your Mind, where the memory was in the past, Wedding - Wind, is told from the day after prospective when it is all a very vivid clear memory in her mind and heart. She carries on doing her ordinary jobs, but because of her excessive jobs even those boaring everyday jobs are differnet and she can never experince the same way as before her wedding night.


The first part of Mirror, is a description of a mirror and how…


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