Ontological Argument

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Ontological Argument


The existence of God can be grasped just from the meaning of the word ‘God’

‘a priori analytic statement’




·         God = that which nothing greater can be thought

·         God exists in the mind (understanding)

·         However, a greater being could be thought of (exists in mind + reality)

·         Therefore in order to be the greatest being God must exist in reality also

·         God exists is therefore an a priori analytic statement.




  • God is a supremely perfect being (has all perfections)
  • Existence is a perfection
  • Therefore God must have existence
  • Thinking of God without existence is like thinking of a mountain without a valley…existence is a necessary part of God’s essence.




  • Either God exists or he does not exist
  • God if He exists could never cease to exist – So if God exists His existence is necessary
  • God if He


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