Ontological Arguement

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An a priori arguement- dont need evidence from the world to explain it, true by defition.

Anselm defines God as "nothing which greater can be thaught"- he cant be bettered

  • Some things can exist in reality and some exist in the imagination.
  • Real things would always be better then imagined things
  • A real God is better then an imaginary one and if God is something that "nothing greater can be thaugt" then he has to exist.

Copelston suggests that everything in the world is contingent on somehting to bring it to stay the same in order to stay in existance. God needed nothing to bring him to existance and nothing can cause him to cease to exist.

  • Except God as he is "which nothing greater can be thaught"
  • So he is surpassable in every way so must


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