Ontological Argument


The ontological argument is an a priori, deductive and analytic arguement

  • A priori-an arguement that doesnt depend on evidence but on reason alone
  • Deductive-given the premise there can only be no other conclusion
  • Analytic-true by definition but the truth is in the defintion of the subject

Anselm says God is “that than which nothing greater can be conceived”

The summary of the ontological argument is:

  • Something is greater if it exists than if it doesn’t.
  • If God is the greatest thing imaginable, he must exist. For if he didn’t, you could imagine something greater – something with all his qualities, but which did actually exist.

Anselm's first argument is:

1)God is the greatest possible being which can be conceived (thought) of. 2)God may exist either in the mind alone, or in reality as well. 3)Something which exists in reality and in the mind is greater than something which exists just as an idea in the mind alone.

4) God must exist in reality and in the mind (or we have not thought…


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