Old Man, Old Man By U.A Fanthrope

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  • Emphasises on the subject.

  • Tender.

  • Colloquial, how you would actually speak to an old man. Repetition. Referenced though out the poem.

  • Lack of relationship with father – distant.


  • Growing old – loss of identity.

  • Men growing old.

  • Reconnecting with a parent. Only through old age.

  • Childhood relationship with parent.

  • Domestic Imagery and Setting – connect with audience.

  • Role- reversal.

  • Ageing.

  • Trapped : bottle and small recalcitrant.'

  • 'Jokes you know longer tell.' → loss of identity, loss of character with age.


  • 'Now his hands shamble.' Loss of functionality and ability – helpless and passive.

  • Gentle humour – closeness and relationship with father.

  • Enjambment is used in a middle of a list : 'And bolts, not good with daughters.' not to dwell on the matter. Not important.

  • Domestic descriptions.

  • Caesura is also used for emphasis: 'Lord of shed, garage and garden.' Reflecting how is main focus was on his work not his daughter.


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