Official statistics debate

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  • Stats gathered by:
  • Government collects data from police.
  • Commissions research project from university researchers and teachers.
  • Other agencies concerned with crime gather statistics.
  • Stats as a social construct:
  • They appear to be fact
  • Stats are not fully reliable as they are socially constructed by the people who gather the data.
  • Domestic Violence:
  • More cases now than in the 70's.
  • Is there violence?
  • The police did not act on reports of domestic violence and many women regarded as a 'normal' part marriage.
  • Jock Young (1994)
  • Laws have been created, often quickly and without forethought, in response to moral panics.
  • Included various laws against terrorism.
  • Stephen Moore:
  • Police play a very significant part in the social construct of crime and deviance because it is they who record reported crime.
  • Atkinson:
  • Criticised Durkheim's theory of suicide.
  • Coroners create a definition of a typical suicide and then categorise individual…


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