Of Mice and Men revision notes

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Chapter one- At the beginning of the book, George and Lennie are camping in the brush by a pool before starting their new jobs at the ranch the next day. Lennie picks up a dead mouse and puts it in his pocket to look after it and George complains that he cannot have a freer life because he has to look after Lennie. We later realise they depend on each other when they talk about their dream of owning a plot of land

Chapter two- When George and Lennie arrive at the ranch they are shown round by an old man called Candy who we realise is a bit of a gossip. They later meet their boss and then his son, Curley. George is very suspicious of Curley's manner and tells Lennie to keep away from him indefinitely. They also meet Curley's wife who is very flirtacious and he also warns Lennie to keep away from her. They also meet some more of the ranch workers, Slim and Carlson.

Chapter three- In the evening, George informs slims about why he and Lennie travel together and gives him more detail about what happened in weed which was the reason they were forced to uproot and move.

They then go on to talk about Candy's old dog who isvery ill and old and tired and then Carlson shoots it as an act of kindness as many people on the ranch were complaing that it was bring nasty smells into where they sleep.

George tells Candy of his and Lennie's dream to get some of their own land and then Candy promptly offers to join them; he has capital so…


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