of mice and men quotes

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Dreams and happiness

Mrs Lyons

‘My child. My Child.’

Mrs Johnstone

‘I know it’s hard on you kids’

‘We’re goin’ away. Oh, bright new day’

‘I’ve got legs like Marilyn Monroe’


‘I could have been him’


‘I love it when we’re together, the three of us’

‘Young, free and innocent, you haven’t got a care’

Social class and money

Mrs Lyons

‘You’re not the same as him’

Mrs Johnstone

‘If my child was raised in a palace like this one’

‘Only mine until the time comes round to pay the bill’

‘A bike with both wheels on’


‘I had to do overtime’


‘I’ve got plenty, I’ll lend...’


‘There’ll be no more bloody warnings’ to

‘I’m not sure I’d let him mix with the likes of them’


‘Ey Mam, how come I’m on free dinners?’

‘He’s a friggin poshy’

Fate and destiny

Mrs Lyons

‘Wherever I go you’ll be just behind me’

Mrs Johnstone

‘No one gets off without the price being paid’


‘We can be blood brothers’

‘I don’t wanna


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