Of Mice and Men Quick Plot Summary

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  • George and Lennie stop to drink at a pool
  • It gradually becomes clear that Lennie has a mental disability and relies on George to take care of him
  • George grows angry with Lennie when he forgets where they're going
  • Lennie offers to leave George, but George realises he's been mean and apologises
  • Lennie gets George to tell him about the ranch dream - where they will both live and work on their own ranch and Lennie will have rabbits


  • Lennie and George arrive at the new ranch
  • They meet Candy, an old swamper with one hand.  At first, George is suspicious of Candy but then he becomes more comfortable with him
  • They meet the Boss, who is instantly suspicious of George because he doesn't allow Lennie to talk
  • George yells at Lennie for talking during the interview with the boss
  • They meet Candy again, who tells them about some of the people on the ranch
  • Curley's Wife appears, and George is instantly suspicious of her, although Lennie thinks she's 'purty'
  • They meet Curley, who George dislikes
  • They meet Slim, who has a dog that has just given birth to puppies


  • Slim gives Lennie a puppy
  • Slim talks to George and George tells him about Lennie's mental disability
  • Carlson begins to pressurise Candy to shoot his dog
  • Whit appears and talks about another ranch worker who left recently and wrote an article to a magazine
  • Carlson doesn't relent and eventually gets Candy to allow him to shoot his dog
  • There is an awkward silence in the bunk house while Carlson shoots the dog
  • Slim leaves to tend to a horse and Whit talks to George about the cat house
  • When George and Lennie are alone, they begin to talk about the ranch dream again
  • Candy overhears and tries to persuade George to let him join.  When Candy offers him $350, George agrees
  • The three of them realise they are only one month a way from being able to buy the ranch and they agree to keep it a secret
  • Slim arrives back with Curley.  Curley has accused Slim of seeing his wife
  • The other ranch workers tell Curley what they think of him
  • While Lennie is laughing…


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