Of Mice and Men: Power

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In Section Four why do you think Crooks taunts Lennie about the fact George has gone to town where he may either get hurt, or not return?

We know Crooks is the only coloured man on the ranch and so is seperated from the other workers, he is also disabled as he was kicked by a horse in the back making him crippled. This makes Crooks immediately have a tiny amount of power and is shown to have the same level of status as the horses as his bunk is in the harness room, a shed which is connected to the barn. This makes us understand that his equality is the same as the animals.

Power is shown through out Of Mice and Men as we see how each character tries to use their amount of power over one another; this is shown in Section Four. John Steinbeck purposely left Crooks, Candy, Lennie and Curley's Wife behind at the ranch whilst the other workers, including Curley and George, went to town because he wanted to show the seperation of these four individuals. Looking back to the question, I believe Crooks taunts Lennie about George as he is an intellegent man; we see this in the start of Section Four as Steinbeck describes how Crooks' room is filled with books, including a dictionary and a copy of the California civil code for 1905. This means Crooks knows his rights as a black man and so immediately


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