Of mice and men lennie

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Big (linking into his physical appearance, it is fair to say that he doesn't realise his size and strength leading to the killing of mice foreshadowing 'pups' foreshadowing Curleys wife which then leads to foreshadowing his own death. He may be big on the outside but on the inside he is small with young perceptions of life and little sense)

Theriomorphic (this is a posh word to Lennie being made analogous to animals - use it in the exam and you'll WOW the examiners.)

Laid back (he's not too sure what is going on in life and just goes with the flow and where ever George may take him eg when he is moved from weed to the new ranch because he got a **** alarm called against him. When he was strangling and killed Curleys wife he stayed very calm expanding on this point)

Oblivious (he isn't really sure what's going on in life linking to the point above. This is all due to his mental issue)

Repetitive (he has to have things repeated to him for him to understand and remember as he is very forgetful and OBLIVIOUS. Likewise he repeats the dream as it is something he has to look forward to and likes to remind himself of it regularly)

Sheltered (he is very much the son in the paternal relationship he


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