Of Mice And Men - Dreams

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George and Lennie share a dream about having a little farm of their own one day. Look at George's description of the farm he has in mind in Part Three...

1. Write a description of George and Lennie's dream farm in your own words.
In the future, George and Lennie would like a little house in the countryside, with a vegetable patch. If it was cold or wet outside the men would not go to work; they would sit by the fire instead. They would make milk with cream so thick they could hardly cut it. They would also keep cows, pigs and rabbits (much to Lennie's happiness).

2. Write about all the things they plan to do on their farm

  •  Grow their own vegetables
  •  Keep their own livestock
  •  Allow Lennie to tend to the rabbits
  •  Make their own milk
  •  Work whenever they want to
  •  "Live off the fatta the land" - not have to depend on anyone else

3. What does Lennie want most in the world? 
All Lennie really wants is to tend to the rabbits they will get. He craves contact with soft things; for George the dream represents freedom and happiness but for Lennie it simply represents access to soft things (although in a way to him that is freedom).

4. Why do you think Candy is so desperate to share their dream farm? 
When he hears about the dream Candy wants to join it. Personally, I think this is because he's old and lonely, and has nothing to show for his life. Even his dog - his best friend - has been taken from him. The dream brings him hope for the future. Hope that he'll have a place to retire to, where he will no longer be alone but have the company of…


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