Of Mice and Men: Crooks Analysis

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These are some of the Notes I put on my A4 Sheet. It contains Text language as well as Page Numbers for Quotes

Before Meet: Already knows a lot, Candy’s dialogue p40-1 Shown as… Intros Racism, Subordination. Talk about why C went at Xmas.

Room Qualities: Inequality, alone. A victim of Racial Injustice. Talk about the fact he is alone and why.

Proud: Keeps room tidy p99 Dialogue. Wants Lennie out p99-100 civil code shows C is proud of heritage, shows self-worth. ‘Aloof’

Lonely: Book, spare time= NO company. Away from everyone. Reaction 2 Candy coming p107. Mags- Women. Isn’t used to being alone, History p102

He admits. Reaction to





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