Of Mice and Men countinuation

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Of Mice and Men

A continuation

George looked at Lennie's body. Blood seeped out of where he had shot his friend. The stagnant pool was tainted red. Lennie had got what he wanted, in heaven , thought George staring at the body. He noticed the gun he had used lying by the trail where he had thrown it. He picked it up, for a moment he considered putting it to his own head so he could join Lennie in the afterlife. Slim followed his gaze to the Luger lying in the mud. George snapped his eyes away and picked it up and gave it to Carlson and he walked by carrying Lennie's body.

"There is no reason for you to stop living," said Slim as they reached the ranch.


"I can tell what you are thinking, it takes more courage to live than to die, George. Death is a coward's way out of pain." Candy was looking at him as Slim spoke.

"What happened?" asked Candy

"Lennie's dead, I killed him." the words came out like a torrent from George. Candy hung his head down.

" So what will happen to our dream now?" George looked away. Crook came over from the other side of the ranch limping slightly. George told him what had transpired.

"We still have the money, we've sent the letter, we can buy the house," said Candy, "I suppose that if Lennie's looking down from us up there,"He pointed at the sky," he'd want us to buy this house".

"We started this and we might as well finish this," agreed George after a pause," and we'll have rabbits, cute furry rabbits in a hutch. Just like Lennie would have wanted."



The wind was whistling as the sun had disappeared behind the noble mountains leaving a dark atmosphere of death in the cold, lonely, air. The distressing burial of the by-gone Lennie left a dull fog of depression that seeped through the ranch leaving dismal and unanswered questions. The configuration of the looming trees ganged upon George leaving him feeling guilt ridden. He sat with his hands tightly clenched around his knees as if he was trying to grab onto what hope he had left. He swiftly rocked backwards and forwards replaying in his mind pulling the vicious trigger that murdered his best and only friend, who was now no more. The dense ball of emotion that was George began to breat ...



Chapter Seven

The bar’s odor of unending puke,


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