Of Mice and Men Characters (some)

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  • Is loyal to Lennie, always telling him how to behave/what to do, helping him stay out of trouble or sorts out any problems like in Weed
  • Reasonably intelligent, clever as far as finding work is concerned
  • Often says he's better off on his own
  • Isn't just with Lennie because he feels responsible but for companionship and believes in American Dream with him
  • George is the hero in Of Mice and Men but since he's just an ordinary man readers can identify with him and understand why he does things
  • Can be fairly aggressive "You got nothing to do with us"
  • Dislikes Curley
  • Starts of defensive when speaking to Slim when he comments on the unsualness of two men travelling together
  • Aggressive towards Lennie when frustrated
  • George mentions to Slim that lonely men "get mean" and "fight all the time" - George is close to being like this, friendship with Lennie is the only thing stopping him
  • Good at reading people, Curley's wife "I seem 'em poison before" warning Lennie to keep away
  • Trusts Slim telling him about Weed "you wouldn' tell?/No, course you wouldn'"
  • Also good at reading situations agreeing with Lennie that the rance isn't a good place to be after meeting Curley and his wife that…


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