Of Mice and Men characters - Crooks

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  • Crooks is the black stable buck and suffers from a lot of predjuice which is directed at him from the other ranch workers and the boss. "Ya see the stable buck's a ******" In the racist 1930's this was all that needed explaining.
  • Crooks is a more permant worker on the ranch so is able to have a larger collection of belongings. He also has his own room, being black he is isolated from the other workers. He sleeps in the same area as the horses showing that the workers have no more respect for him than they have for the animals.
  • Steinbeck lists all of Crooks' belongings in section four. "several pairs of shoes, a pair of rubber boots, a big alarm clock and a single barreled shotgun. And he had books too; a tattered dictionary and a mauled copy of the California civil code for 1905. There were battered magazines and  a few dirty books" By laying out everything he has is shows the reader just how little he owns. Many of his possesions give us an insight in to Crooks, he owns a lot of books showing that he is intelligent and he reads to fill up the time he would otherwise spend being lonely. The significance of him owning


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