Of Mice and Men characters - Candy

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  • Candy is an elderly man and has lost his hand in an accident doing work. "round stick-like wrist, but no hand." Candy has a permenant job at the ranch and recieved compensation because of this injury and Steinbeck is showing a balanced view of ranch owners. However this also shows the reader how safety regulations were poor and the workers did dangerous work.
  • Candy seems to be nice and fair at judging everyones character. He calls the Boss "pretty nice fella" and Crooks a "nice fella".
  • Candy is shown to like a gossip, "Curley says he's keepin' that hand soft for his wife." This shows how Candy has been around a long time and knows all the characters and is aware of most things which are going on. It also shows that maybe Candy wants to get George's attention with




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