Of Mice and Men Character Profiles 2

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  • Crooks' room is small, basic and functional - 'a little shed', 'a square four-paned window'
  • It's homely and his own - 'had his apple box...and in it a range of medicine bottles', 'scattered about the floor were a number of personal possessions' 'a big alarm clock', 'he had books, too'
  • He acts aggressively when other people come into his room - 'Crooks said sharply', 'a scowl came over his face'
  • He defends his privacy as it his one of the few rights he has - "You got no right"
  • Crooks hides his loneliness.  Steinbeck describes him as a 'proud, aloof man' - 'Nobody got any right in here but me'.  However, Steinbeck makes it clear that it does affect him - "a guy needs somebody"
  • Crooks is a victim of racism, he's excluded from the others because they say he 'smells'
  • He tries to make Lennie…


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