George, Lennie and Slim Character Profiles

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George's Friendship with Lennie:

  • George always tells Lennie what to do and how to behave - "Lennie, for God's sakes don't drink so much"
  • He helps Lennie stay out of trouble - An' you ain't gonna do no bad things like you done in Weed"
  • Lennie relies on George for his basic needs - "How'd you eat?"
  • George hasn't always been good to Lennie - he once told him to jump in a river and he had to rescue him - "I ain't done nothing like that no more"
  • He often shouts at Lennie and calls him "a crazy *******"
  • Even at Lennie's death George tries to help him.  He shoots him in the back of the head while Lennie is dreaming of the ranch because he knows Curley will lynch him

George would be fine on his own:

  • He often says he'd be better off alone - "If I was alone I could live so easy"

George is aggressive:

  • When Candy tries to get involved in their dream, George tells him "You got nothing to do with us".  He is immediately defensive
  • George says that lonely men "get mean" and want to "fight all the time".  George's aggression hints to the reader that he is close to being like this

He can read people:

  • George quickly realises that Curley is a character to avoid.  He fears that Lennie will "tangle with the *******", and he was right
  • He doesn't trust Curley's Wife - "I've seen 'em poison before". He warns Lennie to stay away from her because he thinks she'll cause trouble for them, and he was right again
  • He notices the respect people have for Slim and quickly trusts him - "You wouldn' tell? No, 'course you wouldn'"



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