Of Mice and Men - Chapter 5

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Of Mice and Men - Chapter 5

  • Lennie's in the barn with a dead puppy - he's just killed.
  • Curley's wife enters and talks about her past and her dreams of stage.
  • She asks Lennie to feel her soft hair - he does and he likes it.
  • She tries to pull away, but he holds on. She tries to scream, but he outs his hand over her mouth and shakes her. He breaks her neck. She's dead. Lennie runs away.
  • Candy finds her dead and gets George, who plans to kill Lennie himself.
  • The other guys come in, and decide to go after Lennie and kill him.
  • Lennie kills his pup, and then gets angry at it because he's now terrified that George won't let him tend the rabbits.
  • Curley's wife comes in and starts to flirt with him, she doesn't know how else to communicate with men. Maybe Steinbeck is showing how society has forced people into stereotypical roles.
  • Curley's wife start…


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