Of Mice and Men - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

  • George & Lennie arrive at the ranch
  • All the other characters are introduced

The Bunkhouse

Page 38

"long rectangular building"

"walls were whitewashed and the floor unpainted" - Do not have luxuries at the bunkhouse

"eight bunks" - everybody has their own bunk & a small cupboard

"personal belongings" - few possessions

"Western magazines ranch men love to read and scoff at and secretly believe" - Ranch men like to dream of a better life

The Boss

Page 43

"hell of a good worker. Strong as a bull" "He can do anything you tell him" - George keeps answering for Lennie who doesn't talk at all -> Geroge told him not to. George tries to explain why Lennie won't talk and justifies that he has a skilled worker

"Never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy" - Accuses George of using Lennie for money. Boss shows the loneliness of ranch workers. Boss tries to figure out why there are here together -> unusual.

Geroge and Lennie are late and the boss interrogates them

Geroge lies and says Lennie is his cousin as it is unusual to have friends

He also lies about Lennie's disability saying he got kicked by a horse

and lies about my they left Weed


Page 60

"ancient dog" "mild, half-blind eyes" - Dog described by Carlson who suggests shooting it and letting Candy have one of Slim's puppies.

"Ancient dog..." -> Old, ageing. Could be seen as…


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