Of Mice and Men - Chapter 1

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Of Mice and Men - Chapter 1

  • George and Lennie arrive at a pool of the Salinas river in California - they are described to us.
  • George finds Lennie has a dead mouse he's been petting.
  • The 'bad thing' in Weed is mentioned.
  • George and Lennie talk about getting a farm of their own with rabbits which let them ' love of the fatta the lan''. This is the DREAM.
  • George and Lennie are long term companions.
  • George leads the way and Lennie willingly follows - COPYING HIM
  • George is in a bad mood as they have had a hard few days, but Lennie only thinks about he present so he is happy and refreshed.
  • Lennie keeps asking George ,lots of questions - like a demanding CHILD.
  • George is irritated by all these questions - he's like a harassed and impatient PARENT.
  • George says he would be happy without Lennie…


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