Of mice and men/ significance of characters (George, Lennie ,Curley and Curley's wife)

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OMAN Character significance


  • George is one of the main character, He is important because without he helping and caring for Lennie we never meet Lennie who usually would of been discriminated because of his mental disability

  • Friendship: with Lennie it is more like a family, George is more like a father to Lennie as he protects and look after him, He feel responsible to be there for Lennie--- “I ain’t gonna let ‘em hurt Lennie”

  • Also the way he “spoke proudly” about Lennie and his strength make us feel that George really like Lennie and he glad to have him even if he sometimes get angry with him (“I never been mad an’ I ain’t now”)

  • However in the end George knows he have to kill Lennie because this is the best for him, It would be so much worse if Slim torture him

  • Their relationship is very strong and it was unusual at the time--- “Oh, so it’s that way” Curley (and others) do not understand what it is like having someone and it seems very strange

  • However he is still is lonely “Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world”--- he is still a standard ranch worker even if he travels with Lennie. He have the feeling of loneliness but it was not fully completed until the death of Lennie, that was the point when this unusual life is gone and he became same person as the other workers, as he wanted to be sometime

  • George always play solitaire which implies his loneliness of fighting this feelings alone because Lennie do not understand this situation

  • Slim is the chance of developing a friendship where they are understanding each other, “You wouldn’t tell?... No ‘course you wouldn..” which implies that he trust in Slim but it could be because of Slim’s character

  • Also in the end Slim is there for George and he is the only one who understand his relationship with Lennie and the “He led George into the entrance of the trail and p towards the highway”, “Never you mind. A guy got to sometimes” he feel empathy for George and he tries to make him feel better

  • Dream--symbolised for heaven where geoge and Lennie can find peace and it is a reward for their hard work: George do not open these dreams in front of someone else because he find it silly but he only do this for Lennie which implies that he is a caring person.He is realistic about the American dream(“I think I knowed we’d never do her” --dream is personified) however he tells to Lennie that it is going to happen. George tell this story about their farm in the future as a fairy tale and “Red and blue and green rabbits Lennie” implies that it is unrealistic and it never going to be more than just a story. However when Candy has joined to the dream George saw


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