Of Mice and Men Dreams and Loneliness

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Loneliness and Dreams

  • 2 main themes 
  • Interlocked: people who are lonely have needs to dream to help them through. 

George's Loneliness: 

Not lonely as he has Lennie - will be without his best friend. 

George's Dream: 

Shares one with Lennie:

Own a little patch of land, freedom.

He known of some land he thinks they can buy. 

Lennie's Loneliness:

Inoocent enough to not fear loneliness

Shows anger when Crooks suggests George wont come back for him. 

Lennie's Dream: 

Shares one with George:

Own little patch of land, freedom.

Main desire - tend to the soft-haired rabbits. 

Curley's wife's Loneliness: 

Married to a man she…


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