Of Mice And Men

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Crooks: his personality is bitter and a cynical person, howver i feel his bitterness comes from him being badly trated and portrayed as a person. In the book Steinbeck draws the readers attention by the conclusion of how few rights black people had in that period. The fact he would  be automatically accused of **** if Curelys wife even suggested he went close to her. Crooks closed vibe could also be down to his disability causing him to feel vunrable and depressed due to his back condition. In addtion this also leads to him being a lonely and isolated elderly man, as he is the victuim of racial predjucism. 

Crooks room is very important to him in the book, prephaps because it is the only thing he has to himself, that nobody can take away or decline him for having. He guards the room religously and is a clear representation of how he is secluded he is from the other white male members of the ranch. Therefore this is a clear breach of racism as Crooks is exposed as diverse and diffrent to everyone else. It is a private room where he can work as a ranch male as well.

Around the ranch Crooks is in charge of the 'stable bunk' he is that man that provides support for the horses and mules the farm uses. he has a busted spine which restricts him from doing labour work but without him the farm wouldnt be the same.

Curleys Wife: seeks attention from any male as she was treated as an object by her husband Curley. Therefore is became apparent that she is a flirty female that desires to be loved and hunt attention of the opposite sex. She seems to be thrilled by the trouble she causes as she is genrally a lonely woman who has to follow her husbands rules and orders. In addition she thrives of the power she has over people. For example Crooks because he is black she feels supirour to him. The power she hold is all to make Curle jealous, or what she thinks will make him jealous, but really he fell out of love for her a while ago. Through all of the attention seeking she causes with the ranch members she creates quite a tension in the bunk house beetween the males. She ends up killing Lennie in the result of her flirty ways and is then the reason that George has no other option to shot him before the others get to him.

Candy: sadly Candy has lost his right had in a tradgic farm accident, and is now given the most horrid job in…


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