OET And The Use Of Medical Terminology


English-speaking countries demand that overseas healthcare professionals should be good at English. If you are a healthcare expert and want to have a good career in a country like Australia, New Zealand or other countries, you need to have good command over the language. 

Of course, your expertise in your profession will help you but to cross hurdles on your way to success in your career you need to have good communication skills.

Occupational English Test is for healthcare professionals. As this is known to accurately assess the language of the professionals, so it is trusted by a large number of healthcare organizations, hospitals and government bodies across the globe. 

 OET and Medical English 

To be very honest, you are expected to have good knowledge of basic to advanced medical English. Generally, while dealing with the patients, an expert will not make use of the medical terms. Very rarely. The use of language will be simple but when it comes to writing, reading, or even listening test sections in OET, you will come across terminology that is purely medical in


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