Oedipus quotes



“In public, of course!”

“but where are they?.../...where shall we begin?.../...who was with him?” (Oedipus)

“No evidence/ Is ever found if you don’t look for it

“Speak out now, in public, to me!” (Oed)

“I know nothing of this story” (Oed) 

“He has knowledge, and experience, and insight” (of Tiresius)

“he sees into the heart of things” (of Tiresius)

“What use is wisdom if it only leads to suffering?” (Tiresius) “The truth is painful”

“You see nothing of the real world!/ My eyes are open. You can’t hurt me” (Oed to Tiresius)

“You have eyes, but cannot see your own corruption” (Tiresius to Oed)

“I came along, a young man,/ Quite ignorant, knowing nothing” (Oedipus)

“No one/ Can claim a monopoly of wisdom” 


“what will happen, will happen” (Tiresius) 

“so that those dreadful prophecies/ Could not possibly come true” (Oedipus)

“It will be good news, if all turns out well” (Creon)

“Apollo will do it, it’s in his hands” (Tiresius) 

“No one can forecast the future!” (Jocasta)

“I reached a place/ Where three roads meet” (Oedipus)

“Why take notice of these fortune tellers and astrologers?” (Jocasta)


"I am determined to do everything I can to help the city" (Oed)

“I am Oedipus the King. Everyone knows my name.” (Oed)

“not because we think of you as a god,/ But because we know you to be the best of men” (Priest)

“You have prayed to the Gods. Now listen to me” (Oedipus)

You may be the King, but I am a free man” (Tiresius) 

“He’s a rich man now. He will go as a


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