Oedipus the King Detailed Notes and Analysis


Oedipus the King detailed notes and analysis.

Hi this is going to be done line by line so I hope this helps with people's revision. :)

Characters include:- Oedipus, A priest, Creon, A chorus, Tiresias, Jocasta, A messenger (Corinth), A shephard, A messenger (from inside palace), Antigon/Ismene .

Detailed run through of the play. (Shortened though aha)

Line 1-100

Play opens with Oedipus addressing the people of Thebes as he see's their suffering. Then asks a priest to explain their troubles and to trust in him. The priest then replies that all manners of suffering have been applied to the kingdom of Thebes and that is the reason why so many young and old have crowded arounf the palace. We are reminded of the tale of the Sphinx…


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