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The Odyssey.

Book Five – Calypso

Mortality - Character List - Epithets

·         Odysseus – Can be seen as unfaithful but at that time men could sleep with many women without anyone caring. [Wily Odysseus, The ready-witted Odysseus, Patient good Odysseus]

·         Athena – without her, the gods would never have seen fit to order Calypso to release Odysseus, she is the spark of the Odyssey. [Pallas Athena, daughter of Zeus, tireless one]

o   Likes Odysseus the most, she was the only reason that Odysseus made it off of Calypso’s island. Without her, Zeus would never have been convinced to order Calypso to release Odysseus from her hypothetical chains

·         Zeus – The supreme commander, the only one who decides the outcome of Odysseus. [Gatherer of the clouds, son of Kronos]

o   Two-sided, he was the destroyer of the one remaining ship which caused Odysseus to find himself at Ogygia, and was the one who ordered his departure from Calypso. He neither liked/disliked and did what others wanted (Hyperion wanted their deaths, Athena wanted him back at home)

·         Calypso – In love with Odysseus, wanting to be his wife, making him stay on her island for 7 years. [Nymph of the plaited tresses, the divine Calypso]

o   In love with Odysseus. Mostly a hinderer as she didn’t allow him to leave his island until she was ordered to by Zeus. She swore an oath not to harm him.

·         Hermes – Just a messenger. [The giant-killer, Messenger, the strong-one]

·         Poseidon – At this point, we do not know why he dislikes Odysseus so much, but we find out in book 9. [The earth shaker]

o   Hates Odysseus as he blinded Polyphemus. Keeps trying to hinder him by putting up storms whenever he is alone in the water ie after leaving Calypso’s island. A huge part of Odysseus’ difficult journey, without him, Odysseus could have made it back much earlier.

·         Ino – A caring nymph, likes to help others who need it. Odysseus would probably have died without her help

o   Was neutral towards Odysseus but helped him. Pitiful towards Odysseus. He would have died without her enchanted veil to protect him. She saved his life. Doesn’t understand the gods.

·         River God – The god of the river that calms it’s streams to make it easier for Odyseus to clamber upon it’s banks

o   Likes Odysseus, otherwise wouldn’t have helped him. Took pity on him.

Locational Info

Calypso lived in Ogygia, an island. Stayed here for 7 years.


·         Athena tries to get Zeus to order Calypso to let Odysseus return home and succeeds.

·         Hermes is sent to proclaim Zeus’ wishes to Calypso. She takes it badly convinced that the Gods hate it when the minor goddesses choose to sleep and marry with mortal men and end up killing them.

·         Calypso finds Odysseus and




This was so helpful; straightforward and detailed notes, thank you :-)

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