Odyssey - Book 9 Summary

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  • Odysseus answers Alcinous' question about his identity. Odysseus then starts the saga of his adventures since leaving Troy.
  • The first hurdle comes when the Greeks in Odysseus' company plunder the land of the Cicones and then decide they want more. By dawdling, they allow time for armed men to arrive and kill a number of Odysseus' men.
  • The survivors go to the land of the Lotus-Eaters. The lotus is a powerful narcotic-type plant that makes those of Odysseus' men who eat it not want to leave the island. Ordering the rest of the men not to touch it, Odysseus binds those who have already eaten it and sails off.
  • The third stop is sometimes called Goat Island and is very near the Cyclops' island. The Greeks dine on wild goats and wine from the Cicones' plunder.
  • The next day, Odysseus takes 12 of his crew to the nearby island of the Cyclops, carrying some special wine as a gift. When they arrive the Cyclops are pasturing their sheep. The Greeks enter a cave where there are cheeses and lambs the Greeks want to steal. Odysseus wants them to wait to meet the Cyclops. They light a fire, burn an offering, and wait until the Cyclops returns. When he comes in with his animals, he pulls an enormous stone slab against the opening to form a door Odysseus and all his men would be unable to move. The Cyclops asks the strangers…




brilliant resources on all books of the Odyssey, thank you so much! 

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