Odyssey - Book 6 Summary

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  • The Phaeacians once lived in Hyperia, but it was too close to the Cyclops, so their king led them away to Scheria. Their current king is Alcinous whose daughter is Nausicaa. Nausicaa is asleep when Athena visits her in disguise to suggest that she go down to the river the next morning, with her attendants, to wash clothing and help her find a fine husband. The next morning Nausicaa has little trouble persuading her parents to lend her the wagon, and give her food, wine, dirty clothing to launder, and oil to work into their bodies after their immersion.
  • The party goes down to the washing pool where they put the garments in the bubbling water, stomp on them to remove dirt, and then lay them out on the pebbly beach to dry. They eat and toss around a ball to pass time while the clothing dries. Nausicaa is about to fold and put away the clothing when Odysseus is awakened by the noises. He wonders where he has landed.
  • Grabbing an olive branch to hide…


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